Search Plugins#

Search plugins must inherit the following class and implement query():

class, config)[source]#

Base Search Plugin.

  • provider (dict) – An eodag providers configuration dictionary

  • config (str) – Path to the user configuration file


Method used to clear a search context between two searches.


Fetch product types list from provider using discover_product_types conf

query(*args, count=True, **kwargs)[source]#

Implementation of how the products must be searched goes here.

This method must return a tuple with (1) a list of EOProduct instances (see eodag.api.product module) which will be processed by a Download plugin (2) and the total number of products matching the search criteria. If count is False, the second element returned must be None.

This table lists all the search plugins currently available:

A plugin that helps implementing any kind of search protocol that relies on query strings (e.g: opensearch).

A specialisation of RestoSearch that modifies the way the EOProducts are built from the search results

A specialisation of a QueryStringSearch that does a two step search to retrieve all products metadata

A specialisation of a QueryStringSearch that uses POST method

A specialisation of a QueryStringSearch that uses generic STAC configuration

Static STAC Catalog search plugin

BuildPostSearchResult search plugin., ...)

A plugin for implementing search based on OGC CSW