Available providers#


Products from the following providers are made avaiable through eodag:

  • usgs: U.S geological survey catalog for Landsat products

  • theia: French National Space Agency (CNES) catalog for Sentinel 2 products, Pleiades and Landsat products

  • peps: French National Space Agency (CNES) catalog for Copernicus (Sentinel 1, 2, 3) products

  • aws_eos: EOS search for Amazon public datasets

  • creodias: CloudFerro DIAS

  • mundi: Atos DIAS

  • onda: Serco DIAS

  • astraea_eod: Astraea Earth OnDemand STAC API

  • usgs_satapi_aws: USGS Landsatlook SAT API

  • earth_search and earth_search_cog: Element84 Earth Search

  • earth_search_gcs: Element84 Earth Search and Google Cloud Storage download

  • ecmwf: European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

  • cop_ads: Copernicus Atmosphere Data Store

  • cop_cds: Copernicus Climate Data Store

  • sara: Sentinel Australasia Regional Acces

  • meteoblue: Meteoblue forecast

Providers available through an external plugin: