Earth Observation Data Access Gateway (2.12.1)#

EODAG (Earth Observation Data Access Gateway) is a command line tool and a Python package for searching and downloading remotely sensed images while offering a unified API for data access regardless of the data provider.

EODAG gives you an easy way to access products from more than 10 providers, with more than 50 different product types (Sentinel 1, Sentinel 2, Sentinel 3, Landsat, etc.) that can be searched and downloaded.

[Growing list of] supported providers#

astraea_eod, usgs_satapi_aws, earth_search, earth_search_gcs, usgs, theia, peps, aws_eos, creodias, creodias_s3, onda, ecmwf, cop_ads, cop_cds, sara, meteoblue, cop_dataspace, planetary_computer, hydroweb_next, wekeo

EODAG has the following primary features:

EODAG overview


Register to one or more providers, configure your credentials , and then downloading Sentinel 2 Level-1C products from any provider’s catalog is as simple as:

from eodag import EODataAccessGateway

dag = EODataAccessGateway()

search_results, total_count =
    geom={"lonmin": 1, "latmin": 43, "lonmax": 2, "latmax": 44}

product_paths = dag.download_all(search_results)


eodag search --productType S2_MSI_L1C --box 1 43 2 44 --start 2021-03-01 --end 2021-03-31
eodag download  --search-results search_results.geojson


EODAG is available under the open source Apache License.

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