exception eodag.utils.exceptions.AddressNotFound[source]#

An error indicating the address of a subdataset was not found

exception eodag.utils.exceptions.AuthenticationError[source]#

An error indicating that an authentication plugin did not succeeded authenticating a user

exception eodag.utils.exceptions.DownloadError[source]#

An error indicating something wrong with the download process

exception eodag.utils.exceptions.MisconfiguredError[source]#

An error indicating a Search Plugin that is not well configured

exception eodag.utils.exceptions.NoMatchingProductType[source]#

An error indicating that eodag was unable to derive a product type from a set of search parameters

exception eodag.utils.exceptions.NotAvailableError[source]#

An error indicating that the product is not available for download

exception eodag.utils.exceptions.PluginImplementationError[source]#

Error when a plugin does not behave as expected

exception eodag.utils.exceptions.PluginNotFoundError[source]#

Error when looking for a plugin class that was not defined

exception eodag.utils.exceptions.RequestError[source]#

An error indicating that a request has failed. Usually eodag functions and methods should catch and skip this

exception eodag.utils.exceptions.STACOpenerError[source]#

An error indicating that a STAC file could not be opened

exception eodag.utils.exceptions.TimeOutError(exception: Optional[Exception] = None, timeout: Optional[float] = None)[source]#

An error indicating that a timeout has occurred

exception eodag.utils.exceptions.UnsupportedDatasetAddressScheme[source]#

An error indicating that eodag does not yet support an address scheme for accessing raster subdatasets

exception eodag.utils.exceptions.UnsupportedProductType(product_type: str)[source]#

An error indicating that eodag does not support a product type

exception eodag.utils.exceptions.UnsupportedProvider[source]#

An error indicating that eodag does not support a provider

exception eodag.utils.exceptions.ValidationError(message: str)[source]#

Error validating data