class eodag.plugins.download.http.HTTPDownload(provider: str, config: PluginConfig)[source]#

HTTPDownload plugin. Handles product download over HTTP protocol

  • provider (str) – provider name

  • config (PluginConfig) –

    Download plugin configuration:

    • config.base_uri (str) - default endpoint url

    • config.extract (bool) - (optional) extract downloaded archive or not

    • config.auth_error_code (int) - (optional) authentication error code

    • config.dl_url_params (dict) - (optional) attitional parameters to send in the request

    • config.archive_depth (int) - (optional) level in extracted path tree where to find data

    • config.flatten_top_dirs (bool) - (optional) flatten directory structure

    • config.ignore_assets (bool) - (optional) ignore assets and download using downloadLink

    • config.order_enabled (bool) - (optional) wether order is enabled or not if product is OFFLINE

    • config.order_method (str) - (optional) HTTP request method, GET (default) or POST

    • config.order_headers (dict) - (optional) order request headers

    • config.order_on_response (dict) - (optional) edit or add new product properties

    • config.order_status_method (str) - (optional) status HTTP request method, GET (default) or POST

    • config.order_status_percent (str) - (optional) progress percentage key in obtained status response

    • config.order_status_error (dict) - (optional) key/value identifying an error status

__init__(provider: str, config: PluginConfig) None[source]#


__init__(provider, config)

download(product[, auth, progress_callback, ...])

Download a product using HTTP protocol.

download_all(products[, auth, ...])

Download all using parent (base plugin) method

orderDownload(product[, auth])

Send product order request.

orderDownloadStatus(product[, auth])

Send product order status request.