EODAG is really simple to install with pip:

python -m pip install eodag


pyproj requires Cython or pip>=19.3. If the install of eodag fails, check your version of pip (Ubuntu 18.04 comes installed with pip 9.0.1).

Or with conda from the conda-forge channel:

conda install -c conda-forge eodag

Run the notebooks locally#

The Python API User Guide and the Tutorials consist of a series of Jupyter notebooks that can be run locally:

  1. Install the extras dependencies it requires by executing this command (preferably in a virtual environment):

    python -m pip install eodag[tutorials]
  2. Clone eodag ‘s repository with git:

    git clone
  3. Invoke jupyter:

    jupyter notebook
  4. Browse to either docs/notebooks/api_user_guide or docs/notebooks/tutos and launch a notebook.